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When to purchase your birth pool

When to purchase your birth pool

One of the most common questions we get is when to order your birth pool in preparation for your upcoming birth.  Factors include where in gestation you are and how far we would be shipping your pool.

Having your birth pool by 37 weeks is recommended

Just incase you have your baby on the early side.  But not necessarily any earlier.  If you went into labour before 37 weeks,  your odds of having a homebirth or waterbirth are less since this may be considered premature and higher risk.  In summary, if you order your pool around 36 weeks gestation, you will have your pool by 37 weeks.  

Because birth can be unpredictable, sometimes your midwife may be waiting to give you the go-head for a homebirth until you are 37 weeks and in this case, we recommend you wait until you have the firm go-ahead from your midwife The odds of going into labour before 38 weeks are low in most cases and this makes sense.

How long will it take to receive my pool?  

Once ordered, most pools will ship same day or next business day.  Otherwise they would have said sold out or pre-sale only online.  At checkout you will be given the option of shipping method.  Standard shipping takes 3-9 business days within Canada.  We are shipping from Alberta so the farther away the longer it will take.  You can also select from Xpresspost shipping methods and even priority overnight.  

When to inflate your pool for the first time

We "typically" recommend inflating your pool once you have a firm go-ahead that your homebirth/waterbirth will likely happen.   This allows you to inspect your pool for any manufacturing defects (very rare) and gives us enough time to deal with warranty and get you a replacement pool.  

Keep in mind however, that we do not accept returns on opened birth pools.  Which means that, unless there is a manufacturing defect, you will have to keep the pool regardless of whether you end up using it for the birth.  This is another reason, not to open it until you are about 37 weeks.  Of course, it can always be saved for a future birth and/or sold.  (Your midwives Facebook page, Marketplace or Kijiji for example).

What if I wait until the birth to open the pool and it has a defect?

This is the risk of not opening your birth pool and testing it before your due date.  The good news is, most defects are small.   For example, a slow leak.   All birth pools have been inflated and tested during the manufacturing process.  Most pools come with a small patch kit and you should be able to patch the pool quickly.  We HIGHLY recommend purchasing our Emergency Pool Patch Kit because anything can happen and these patches are the fastest way to do a quick fix even underwater.  IE:  the cat makes a hole, or something snags the pool.  Be sure to read all instructions prior to inflating your pool, do not over inflate, and NEVER inflate with an air compressor.

What if I never open or use the pool? Can I return it? 

Yes, we are happy to take back any unopened and unused pools.  You are responsible for shipping it back to us.  Once received, we will inspect it to be sure it has never been taken out of the box and if all looks good, we will promptly refund you for the pool.  Original shipping fees will not be refunded.