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ALMEDIC® German Quality Surgical Instruments (High-Grade) - These surgical instruments are made by master craftsmen using the highest quality surgical steel. Every instrument is individually checked with maximum precision for perfect workmanship, pattern, and finish.  

MAGNA® Quality Surgical Instruments (Mid-Grade) - As German instruments increased in price over the years, hospitals requested less expensive instruments of the same high quality. In response to this demand, Almedic developed the line of Magna® Instruments. They are manufactured to the same high standards with superior stainless steel – yet they are priced lower than the German instruments.

UTILITY® Quality Surgical Instruments  (Utility-Grade)- The Utility® instruments are economically priced. The range of Utility® Instruments includes the more popular high volume instruments used in hospitals and medical or first aid clinics.

    Instruments ~ Reusable

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    Cusco Vaginal Speculum-Instruments-Birth Supplies Canada
    Cusco Vaginal Speculum
    From $ 27.95
    Disposable Scalpel-Medical Devices-Birth Supplies Canada
    Disposable Scalpel
    From $ 2.10
    Ear Syringe-Medical Equipment-Birth Supplies Canada
    Ear Syringe
    $ 469.00
    Instrument Set-Instruments-Birth Supplies Canada
    Instrument Set
    From $ 140.00