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Shipping Policy


  • Handling Time:  Once your order is received >> we will begin preparing it to ship.  Between Monday-Friday we ship "most orders" same day if received before 2pm.  If received on the weekend, we will prepare it on Monday for shipment. *Please refer to our page "How fast will my order ship?"
  • Transit Time:  Courier & method selection >> You have the option to select your shipping "transit" method at checkout.  This timeline applies from the date of shipment.  You will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking number so you know when it's on it's way.  If you order on Friday afternoon, your order will not ship until Monday so even if you order "next day shipping" your order would not arrive until Tuesday (Assuming we ship on Monday).  *See Shipping method selection below
  • Receipt of order:  Once your order has been received, it is important to inspect it for any errors, shipping damage, etc.  If there are any issues with your order, please take pictures immediately and email us at

Handling time:  0-3 days
Transit time:  Select at checkout
Cutoff time:  Place your order before 2pm MDT for same day shipping


Please visit our Free Shipping page for details on this promotion.


We have a minimum order subtotal value of $15.00.  Because we sell several items of such small value, but still have all the same expenses to ship these orders, this is our minimum threshold.  Our shipping fees are near-identical to what we pay the couriers (give or take $1-2) and thus are not part of profits.  E-commerce expenses include staff, shipping supplies, merchant fees, Health Canada licensing dues, just to name a few that are associated with each and every order.


As a matter of policy, Birth Supplies Canada considers 30 days’ expiry (or greater) to be “fair dated product”.  If you need longer expiry dates, please add this to comments so we can provide you with options if we are unable to meet your long expiry needs.  Birth Supplies Canada has a very high turn over of product on majority of products, which means in most cases our expiry dates are the furthest our we can source at any given time.  Note: An expiry date that only gives the month and year, means the product expires at the end of that month.


Birth Supplies Canada does not ship partial orders.  If requesting partial shipments, an additional shipping fee would apply.  If items are later returned, our original cost of shipping will be deducted from your refund.  Example:  Your order is $250 and qualifies for discounted shipping rate.  You return the items and the refund is $250 minus $14.57 shipping fees we paid to ship your original order.    To estimate this number, look at the first rate displayed below the discounted shipping option at checkout.



95% of orders ship within 24 hours (Monday - Friday).  If your order is not going to ship within 3 business days, we will email you to let you know as soon a possible (as may be the case with special order or out of stock items).  If you have time sensitive order?, please add comments to your order or email us at

WHY DO WE SOMETIMES SELL ITEMS THAT ARE NOT IN STOCK?  While most items are in stock, we do sell out of stock items as long as we know we can get them in stock within our 3 day shipping policy.  If we do not feel confident, then the items will be listed as out of stock or pre-order or special order so you are aware there may be delays. Otherwise, you can feel confident that your items should ship within our 3 day policy.  We do not ship partial orders that fall under our 1-3 day shipping standard.


The courier method you select and pay for at checkout is the “transit time”.  This is the estimated time it will take for your package to arrive once it leaves our warehouse.  We ship most orders within 3 business days.  At checkout we note to "allow for 0-3 business days for your order to leave our warehouse”.


While we aim to stay with your original selected courier and transit time, we reserve the right to change the courier or transit time to optimize customer satisfaction.  For example, if we are notified of courier delays, miss the courier for the day, or are given notice of postal strikes, we will select the best shipping method on your behalf.  International orders, time sensitive parcels, natural disasters, multi-box orders, oversized parcels, are examples of times we may change your courier or shipping transit selection.


We reserve the right to decide on shipping partial orders or holding shipment for complete order if not all items are in stock.  You will be offered a refund on unavailable items.  We do not ship partial orders that fall under our 1-3 day shipping standard and/or estimate timeline displayed on the product page.


We reserve the right to cancel orders where the shipping fees exceed the total dollar value of the items purchased.  For example:  You purchase a $5 item and pay $45 to ship.  

WHY DON'T WE SHIP ORDERS IF SHIPPING FEES EXCEED ORDER SUBTOTAL? Occasionally orders end up being returned to us for various reasons such as "incomplete address, Unclaimed at post office, Moved, or Refused".  In this situation, it is our policy to refund the returned items but not the shippping fees as well as any additional shipping fees from the courier.  Couriers often bill us the same shipping fees again for the return.  Because the shipping fees we pay are near identical to what we charge (give or take $1-2), this doesn't allow us to recoop our cost if this was to happen and is frustrating for both parties.  INTERNATIONAL ORDERS are more likely to be cancelled and refunded due to additional risks associated.


When selecting your shipping transit method, please know that once we ship your order, it becomes the responsibility of the courier to deliver your package.  We have little to no ability to stop, redirect, or find your parcel. We will need to work with the courier company to track your order. (see below)  A tracking number is provided with every order we ship.  If your order is not delivered within the delivery time-frame you selected and the courier company has offered a guarantee on the particular shipping method, we will work to recover shipping fees with the courier on your behalf.


Inspect your package promptly upon receipt.  If there are any damages from delivery or errors in your order, please contact us right away.  Please take photos of your order, and damages if any.  Email the photos to us at  Photos are REQUIRED to process any claims.  


Please be sure your shipping address is correct.  Due to chargeback scams we are unable to change your address after your order has been made.  If you believe you have made a mistake with your address please let us know immediately.  We can cancel and refund your order before it ships and then you can re-order.  If your order has already shipped, we can contact the courier and request that it be redirected and returned to us for a fee.  You can then create a new order.  Once we receive your parcel back we will refund all items.  Shipping fees or courier fees for redirection are not refunded for shipping address errors.


Please be sure your shipping address is correct since this is automatically exported into our shipping programs as entered by you. We have little to no ability to stop, redirect, or find your parcel.  In the event your order is returned to us due to reasons such as "incomplete address, Unclaimed at post office, Moved, or Refused" we will refund the items once returned to us, but not the shipping fees.  You are then welcome to re-order. 


In the event your order is returned to us due to reasons such as "incomplete address, Unclaimed at post office, Moved, or Refused" we will refund the items once returned to us, but not the shipping fees because they have already been paid to the courier.  As well, the courier will bill us a second time for the parcel being returned.  For example:  You paid $14.00 shipping, then $28 will be deducted from your refund for our expenses incurred.  If you still want the items, you are then welcome to re-order with a new order.  We recommend tracking your order and watching for email updates so you don't miss delivery again.


Please know that once your order leaves our warehouse, it is in the hands of the courier you selected at checkout and we have little to no control over your package from that point onward.  Any issues with your shipment MUST be reported to us promptly so can can start the ticket process with the courier within their guidelines.  If your package is incorrectly delivered, returned in error, damaged or other courier fault we will contact the courier to open a ticket and/or create a claim.  Any products returned to us will be promptly refunded to you upon receipt.  And any refunds to us by the courier are also promptly refunded to you.  


You will have the option to select a shipping transit method at checkout.  Canada Post Expedited, you can expect your order to arrive within approx. 1-7 days from the day it shipped.  You will be notified by email when your order has shipped and given a tracking number to follow.  Packages tend to arrive quicker to major cities.  Here are some *average delivery time estimates by province.  Remember we are located in Calgary, AB so times will fan out from there.

BC:  Avg 2-3 days*
AB:  Avg 1-2 days*
SK:  Avg 2-4 days*
ON:  Avg 4-5 days*
QC:  Avg 4-6 days*


Please note that if a gift needs to be sent urgently, it is advised that you email us to ensure we can process your order on time when this method of shipment is desired.   Be sure to add your order number in email subject line.


Please note that often couriers update their system to say a parcel has been delivered when actually it’s just on the truck and out for delivery.  When they update theirs, it automatically updates our website too.
Please hold tight another day and if your parcel has not been delivered, contact the courier directly by using your tracking code link.  This is the fastest way to locate and arrange for redelivery or pickup of your parcel.   Any issues with your shipment (see courier errors above) MUST be reported to us promptly so can can start the ticket process with the courier within their guidelines.

Another option is that a notice was put at your door but your items is at the closest pickup location.  You can use your tracking number to contact the courier to see if it is there and ready for pickup

Outside of Canada:

1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS®)
For international shipping, call 1-800-782-7892

International Air: 1 (800) 234-2778
Calgary: +403 5161900
Montreal: +514 3443447
Ottawa: +514 7344580
Toronto: +289 5626500
Vancouver: +604 2078100


Customer Service Hotline
1 888 SHIP-123

1.800.GoFedEx 1.800.463.3339 
TTY: 1.800.238.4461



All orders placed with credit cards internationally will be charged in Canadian funds. The purchaser will then receive the accurate amount, in their currency at the most recent exchange rates. This will reflect on their statement.


Birth Supplies Canada is not responsible for any customs and taxes applied to your order. All fees imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer (tariffs, taxes, etc.).


Your parcel may become held at customs, you will be notified by the courier and you will need to pay these duty charges before the parcel is delivered.  Please know that we do not guarantee any shipping times outside of Canada and have no control over how long customs might hold your items.  We do not offer refunds for shipping fees, unless the courier refunds us for an error on their part.


While all of our items have valid medical device licensing for Canada, they may not have a valid license for other countries.   We recommending purchasing from your country to avoid any issues with customs holding, delaying or refusing your package.  We offer tracking with each order, but have no control over whether a package clears customs or not.  If your order is returned to us by customs, we are happy to refund your items but not shipping fees, or any holding fees billed to us by customs.


We reserve the right to cancel orders that are at high risk of not arriving intact.  Most common items are liquids such as saline.  Individual bags of saline are very difficult to ship safely in an affordable way.  Considering orders by the case.


While we are sure our customers are honest and want to have a respectful transaction with our company, we are also dealing with internet scams on a daily basis.  We have a number of policies in place to protect from this and below are couple more common interactions that we have a ready policy in place for.  The following items will be promptly canceled for full refund.

NO HIGH RISK ORDERS:  If your order is flagged as fraudulent, we will automatically cancel and refund your order.  Please reorder and be sure your billing and shipping addresses are same or you are not ordering from an IP address very far distance from billing/shipping.  

NO ADDRESS CHANGES:  You cannot change your address after submitting order.  It can however be cancelled if you contact us before we ship.  Please double check your shipping address before you submit your order online.  We understand that sometimes browsers keep old addresses in cache and customers are sometimes in a hurry and don't check the final confirmation page when checking out online.  In most cases, your package will be returned to us and you will be refunded for all items promptly.   See shipping address errors above.

INACCURATE PAYMENTS:  If paying via email bank transfer, cheque or paypal please be sure your amount is accurate.  Overpayments will be refunded in full and order will be cancelled.