New Registrant Midwives & Student Midwives


NEW!  We've replaced our Student/New Registrant Catalogue

for Student Midwives/New Registrant Midwives

Here's how you'll benefit!

CREATE A NEW CUSTOMER ACCOUNT HERE (or update existing and set your customer type to STUDENT:  Midwifery or New Registrant Midwife

EMAIL US at with your Student or New Registrant Profile identification or link to directory website to prove your status.  Once received we will manually adjust your points by to bring your balance up to to 1000 to redeem for 10% off your next order!

TO REDEEM >> LOGIN >> Click on POINTS PROGRAM tab (bottom left) >> SPEND POINTS

Note that every order qualifies for points collection so you start collecting points towards your next order right away!  Soon you'll have another 1000 points collected and ready to cash in on another 10% off discount.  

 **Must be currently enrolled in Midwifery Program or First Year New Registrant Midwife.   Bonus Points are one time offer per person.  

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