Hand made teaching model set

These fun, yet realistic, teaching models are hand made by local artist Rebecca Bessette.

These are an essential teaching tool for anyone in the perinatal field. Complete set includes 2 Breasts (1 light, 1 dark areola), 1 placenta, 1 uterus, 1 pelvis and 1 fetal doll baby.

Fetal baby doll – The approx 19" (48cm) long fetal model represents an average-sized, full-term baby. The crocheted body flexes to show a variety of presentations and positions. Baby is made from 100% cotton, stuffed with fabric to give a dense yet malleable feel. The head is approx 10 to 12 inches round (10cm in diameter) and flexes to shape as the baby enters the birth canal. Detachable snap umbilical cord.

Placenta & Umbilical Cord- The placenta is made of acrylic yarn, the stitching gives it a full fleshy realistic look, the cord is detachable, snaps on and off from the fetal model. Approx size: 10 inches(26cm) in diameter with a 24 inch (61cm)cord.

Uterus: This uterus has a drawstring cervix to demonstrate dilation, also perfect to show the head crowning and baby passing through. The top of the uterus opens up and cam be flipped over for an easy view of the content of the uterus, show the different placenta locations and baby presentation. Approx size: 16 inches (41cm) tall and 13 inches (33cm) at widest point with a cervix that dilates to 10cm.

Pelvis- Made of flexible acrylic crochet yarn; this pelvic model shows how different pelvic shapes affect pregnancy, labor, and birth. It can also be used to demonstrate how the pelvis changes during labor and birth. The Crocheted Pelvic Model is a very effective teaching aid for childbirth educators. Approx size: 13 inches (33cm) wide, 7 inched (18cm) tall with a flexible 10cm opening.

Breasts: These breasts are prime for demonstration of a proper feeding. Show how to hold the flexible nipple and even how to release an inverted nipple. Breasts come in 2 shades, dark and light areolas as well as to scale by cup size. You will receive one light, 1 dark and both in a full C cup.

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