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Singing the Praises of Accel Wipes




People ask me all the time what I carry in my doula bag. I usually list off the typical stuff - massage oil, rebozo, LED tealights, etc. However, one of my favourite and most-used items is my Accel TB wipes (I always carry a little pouch of 10). Here's why:

- It's accelerated hydrogen peroxide, so it's great at removing blood stains. Just wipe the carpet or couch, and voila! (individual results may vary, but I have had incredible success). 

- I can wipe down my TENS machine, reflexology ball, or anything else that might have bodily fluids (including sweat) on it. I can quickly make sure everything is clean BEFORE it goes into my doula bag, and then I know it's ready to go for the next birth. 

- It's gentle enough to wipe down a birth pool without corroding the material. In fact, it's so gentle that the MSDS sheet states it doesn't even require gloves to be worn. It's incredibly convenient and quick to disinfect the birth pool. After I drain the pool and take off the liner I wipe the pool down, I let it sit for 20 min or so, and then pack it up so it's ready to go for next time. No need to re-inflate it at home in between births!

- It doesn't have a noxious fume to it, so you can use it right there at the birth place without it bothering anyone (including yourself). 

- Because it's medical grade, I can use it to wipe the faces of my baby dolls before an infant CPR class. This is especially wonderful when I am teaching more than one class in a day, and therefore can't go home and bleach everything.

- The little 10 pack is no larger than a packet of facial tissue, so I don't have to make much room for it in a full bag.

So there you have it - a doula and midwife bag essential!

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  • Jill and Paul Colpitts